About Goose Creek Builders

You’ve probably heard about us from a friend or a client. This site was created simply to showcase what we do at Goose Creek Builders.

From the foundation up to the built-in, our work is about the challenge of doing a job well, satisfying you, our client, and working with you throughout the project. We are small enough to be personable, with all the resources of a larger builder.

Our goal is to always provide someone you can talk to, who can really listen and follow through to bring your thoughts to creation. We have the quality and attention to detail of a fine craftsman, with the strength and professional resources of a large building company. The buildings of today have become the job of artful assembly, and we take pride in knowing our assembly is finished with the proven materials available, and of the highest quality craftsmanship.

We work hard to help the client realize their vision; whether it’s fine interior finishes, a library or kitchen, or a rustic barn. We aim to be efficient and cost effective while leaving our clients smiling and planning their next project.

We hope you enjoy the pictures on this site, and feel free to call us with any further questions.